Graduate Assistantships

The majority of graduate assistant positions are awarded and managed by departments or units. These positions may involve teaching, research or administrative support. To qualify, the graduate student must be regularly admitted into the Graduate School and accepted into a graduate degree or certificate program without condition. A Graduate Assistantship Application should be submitted directly to the department or unit. A list of open graduate assistant positions may also be found on the Human Resources website.

Graduate assistants appointed to at least a 25% position will be classified as in-state students for tuition purposes. Graduate assistants appointed to a least a 50% position will be classified as in-state students for tuition purposes AND will have in-state tuition paid. Miscellaneous fees (activity fees, college fees, etc.), books, housing and other expenses are the responsibility of the graduate student. Students are not allowed to hold an assistantship greater than 50% without the approval of the Graduate School; with approval, they may only hold such an assistantship for one semester except under extremely unusual circumstances and at the discretion of the Graduate Dean.

Tuition waivers can be submitted for summer as early as May1st; for fall, as early as July 1st; and for spring, as early as November 1st. Financial Aid is disbursed the week before classes begin, so tuition waivers should be submitted as early as possible. Normally, tuition waivers will be processed within a week of being received, but those submitted after the semester begins will be slower. We recommend that departments/programs submit these waivers as soon as they know what students will be offered the assistantship. All tuition waivers must be submitted by the fifth class day in the spring/fall semesters and by the 2nd day in the summer.

Students on a 50% graduate assistantship must enroll in a minimum of 6 hours. students on a 25% graduate assistantship must enroll in a minimum of 9 hours.

The tuition waiver covers all in-state graduate tuition for up to 15 hours per fall or spring semester and six hours in the summer for one five-week session, nine hours for one ten-week session or two five–week sessions. Graduate School approval is required for the waiver to pay undergraduate hours, audited hours, hours outside of the program, and hours above the maximum. Departments have the discretion to limit a waiver to the minimum number of hours required by the assistantship. As a fringe benefit to graduate students who have assistantships, the University of Arkansas pays 66.6% of health insurance with UHC.

Students on a 50% graduate assistant position are not allowed to work more than 20 hours/week. Students on a 25% position are not allowed to work more than 10 hours/week.

International students who will be interacting with students in a teaching or tutorial rule are required to pass English language requirements for both speaking and writing. Current requirements are given in the Graduate Catalog.

It should also be noted that those students who hold a Distinguished Doctoral or Doctoral Advisory Fellowship on top of a graduate assistantship are not allowed to teach during the summer.

Current minimum graduate assistantship stipends are $1,000/month for master's degree students and $1,111/month for doctoral degree and MFA degree students.

When a graduate assistant resigns or is terminated from his/her assistantship appointment, the tuition or fee account which paid the fees for that assistant will receive a refund proportionate to the length of time remaining on the appointment during the current semester. In addition, a graduate assistant who resigns or is terminated from his/her assistantship appointment, but who does not withdraw from the University, is required to pay the University tuition and fees for the remaining portion of the current semester.

For more information and additional requirements for graduate assistantships, please see the Graduate Student Handbook or contact Paula Lasner at (479) 575-5904 or email